Our Youth, Our Environment, Our Planet

Giving Point and Alpharetta High School join together to teach students about environmental stewardship

Grantee: Giving Point– Atlanta, GA

Project Title: Our Youth, Our Environment, Our Planet

Grant Type: ecoSolution

Description: The “Our Youth, Our Environment, Our Planet” project was born from a partnership between GivingPoint and Alpharetta High School in Roswell, GA to address a critical need to provide at-risk, disabled and special needs teens with an outdoor working classroom where they can learn about environmental stewardship, nutrition, conservation and have a quiet place of solace. Through a grant from Captain Planet Foundation, students & volunteers created a multi-layered walking trail on 15,000 square feet of land, designed for wheelchair and non-wheelchair bound children. Over 2,000 individuals have benefited from this project.

Within one year, GivingPoint and Alpharetta High School are expecting hundreds of volunteer from the Alpharetta area to volunteer nearly 2,000 hours of meaningful community service. The time and energy that youth volunteers put into the project will be documented on MyGivingPoint.org.

For more information about this project and GivingPoint click here or email Ansley Colby at ansley@mygivingpoint.org.