Philanthropists, athletes, and celebrities funded OVER 100 CPF ecoSTEM Kits!

Photo from CPF Grantee Something Good in the World

On March 10th, over 50 philanthropists, athletes, and celebrities “flash funded” more than $14 million dollars of projects. The funded projects included OVER 100 CPF ecoSTEM® Resource Kits that provide teachers with an easy-to-use introduction to environmental, project-based STEM learning. When combined with our own match funding effort ($100,000 committed), Captain Planet Foundation will have distributed over 350 kits by the end of this school year – impacting over 35,000 students around the United States! Read Full Article

CPF ecoSTEM® Kits were curated to engage students in project-based learning, including observing phenomena, conducting inquiry investigations, making models, collecting data for citizen science projects, creating solutions to engineering challenges, and implementing environmental stewardship projects to solve real-world problems. Each kit contains supplies for 32 students and is available to teachers through Donors Choose. The 4 kits you can choose from include: Earth (Healthy Soils & Decomposition), Water (Water Quality, Ocean Pollution and Watersheds), Renewable Energy, and PolliNation. Kits are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, GA Standards of Excellence in Science, and state standards in 3-Dimensional Science. Sign up for your ecoSTEM® Kit today on!