In partnership with ArcelorMittal, Captain Planet Foundation rolled its Planeteer Club program into: Deanna Davenport Elementary and the Boys & Girls Club at Canutillo Elementary in Vinton, TX; South Haven Elementary, Central Elementary, and Crisman Elementary in Portage Township Public Schools (Burns Harbor, IN); and Mound STEM School (PreK-8) and the Boys & Girls Club Broadway in Cleveland, OH.

For the past year, the schools and students have been making incredible progress becoming environmental change-makers and leaders.  Some highlights:

At Davenport Elementary in the Canutillo Public School System, students created 3 powerpoints about recycling and visited every classroom in the school to present information about the importance and process of recycling to all 450 students.  The Planeteer Club also created a recycling brochure that each student received; and they upcycled recycled materials and turned them into bowls, pencil holders, maracas, and even a purse!

Also in Vinton, TX, the employees at ArcelorMittal partnered with the Planeteer Clubs to do a tire clean up as part of the free tire reclamation program run by Bridgestone Tires.  On ArcelorMittal’s World Environmental Day, they collected 1,052 tires that had been discarded into the desert environment.

Not to be outdone, the Portage Township Schools got into the act.  At Central Elementary , new recycling containers were ordered and placed throughout the school to give the students easy access to recycling in classrooms, cafeteria, work rooms, and the teacher’s lounge. And at South Haven Elementary students implemented a lights off energy conservation program and presented classrooms with “Congratulations – Caught you with Your Lights Off!” stickers to encourage their continued participation in the program.

More to come this Spring as both Mound STEM School in the Cleveland Public School System and the Broadway Boys & Girls Club right next store kick off their programs to improve the environment and environmental literacy of their students as it relates to STEM activities and community improvement!

For more information, or to start a Planeteer Club in your own school, visit the Captain Planet Foundation Planeteer Clubs Page.