Pond Remediation Through Wind Power

Grantee: Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School District

Project Title: Pond Remediation Through Wind Power

Grant Type: ecoTech

Description: Historical uses of wetland areas adjacent to farms have left a legacy of landscape and ecological changes that still persist today. Old drainage ponds and ditches used to manage and control agricultural waste are still evident on Essex Technical High School’s campus. One such artificial pond could be a viable wetland ecosystem, but pond sediments high in hydrogen sulfides restrict life, lead to eutrophication, and also infiltrate groundwater.

Using the concept of oxidation and biochemical oxygen demand, students will explore the hypothesis, Does the input of dissolved oxygen improve water quality in a pond? Students tested water quality over time to create a baseline and will then construct and install a wind-powered aerator windmill adjacent to the pond after which they will continue to measure water quality to determine if it improves, remains the same, or worsens.

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