Project Learning Garden FAQ

Q: Who is eligible for Project Learning Garden?
A: Public schools in the following school districts, and who serve students grades K-8, are eligible for Project Learning Garden: Atlanta metro area districts (Atlanta, Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry) in GA; All school districts in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties in CA.

Q: What if my school is outside of those regions?
A: Schools outside these regions are able to purchase the Project Learning Garden program if they’re interested. Additionally, Captain Planet Foundation partners with Dole Packaged Foods and regional grocery retailers chains to offer Project Learning Garden contests in the fall and spring. Keep an eye on your local grocery stores’ social media channels as well as ours to see if we’re holding a contest in your area! If we’re not currently in your area, sign up to be notified when the program comes to your area.

Q: What about private schools?
A: Private schools are able to purchase Project Learning Garden for their students.

Q: What if my school already has a garden?
A: You are still eligible! For schools that already have an existing garden, we still provide all the assets (lessons, supplies, mobile cooking cart, etc. ) AND 1) we can provide five (5) additional beds to expand your garden, if you can demonstrate the ability to manage a larger garden space; or 2) we can offer a $500 credit to purchase supplies to enhance your existing garden through our partnership with Gardener’s Supply.

Q: What are our obligations if we receive the grant?
A: When a school accepts the Project Learning Garden grant, the school agrees to: 1) Have teachers complete online or in person training; 2) Support teachers using the garden as a regular instructional space; 3) File any necessary paperwork through their facilities team for their garden; 4) Arrange for a few volunteers to help install the garden; and 5) Respond to surveys sent out by CPF from time to time.

Q: When will we get plants and seeds?
A: The Project Learning Garden curriculum kits provides a set of seeds for your school garden, which is great to get started. Beyond these seeds, Captain Planet Foundation may be available to provide seeds based on donations from outside organizations. Please contact us to see if seeds are available.

Q: How often will Captain Planet Foundation visit the school and the garden?
A: Ultimately, our goal is to give teachers and schools the skills they need to maintain their own gardens and take learning outside – not for CPF to manage the garden or its maintenance. However, we may be able to connect schools with volunteers from local organizations or businesses, Master Gardeners, or others who can be of assistance – so feel free to reach out if you feel like your garden could use a workday with a group of volunteers!

Q: How do we care for the garden over the long term?
A: We find that the most successful schools have a strong garden team that works with the PTA and administrators to help create a strategy for the garden. Be sure to consider the Sustainability Planner as a tool for thinking through your program plan.