Apple Sauce


8 apples

Time: 30 minutes

We use “seconds” apples, which are bruised or “unsellable.” They’re cheaper to buy (and often get donated), and we did a lesson about food waste and how you can still eat ugly foods!


  1. Remove the apple cores. Students can do this simply by cutting the apples in half and taking out the middle.
  2. Chop apples into small, 1-inch pieces. The smaller the pieces, the easier it is for the blender to puree.
  3. Put the apple chunks into the blender and blend until desired consistency. Use a blender tamper to push down the apples if necessary. With no tamper, you may have to add in a little bit of water to make sure it blends correctly.
  4. Add honey if the apples aren’t sweet enough, but a lot of times, this won’t be necessary!


Tip: If you don’t have a blender or think it’s not strong enough to puree raw apples, just boil the apples in about 1 cups of water until the apples are soft, and then you can mash them with forks or a potato masher. Alternatively, cut them very small and add in a splash of water to the blender.