Dandelion Lemonade


2 quarts dandelion flowers
Juice of 4 lemons
Water to fill gallon jar
Honey, to taste



Time: 30 minutes

This recipe is a perfect way to introduce your students to edible flowers and create some new buzz around the possibilites of the garden.


  1. Bring the flowers inside, wash them, and place them in a gallon jar.
  2. Fill the jar with room temperature water and add the juice of 4 lemons.
  3. Add fresh honey or fruit to taste, and chill.
  4. You can strain the flowers out after a few hours or just leave them to fall into the glasses when you serve the lemonade.


Please be aware of where you harvest dandelions and make sure you are not harvesting any plants that may have been sprayed with weed killer or other chemicals.