Rhode Island Youth Conservation League – Grantee Success Story

Rhode Island Natural History Survey Kingston, Rhode Island
Project Title: Rhode Island Youth Conservation League

Rhode Island Youth Conservation League (YCL), is a program were high school aged youth work with college-aged leaders to accomplish tasks that preserve conservation land and the resources that derive from it for the good of the community, including: recreation, clean air and water, biodiversity, and historic landscapes, tourism, and sense of place.

Six high school students got 160 hour summer jobs that provided income, work readiness skills, environmental education, interpersonal and leadership growth. Eight conservation organizations received labor helping them maintain preserved land in 11 towns in Rhode Island. Captain Planet Foundation funds helped leverage $23,082 in financial contributions as well as 245 hours of labor by community members of many ages in the field. Three “Crew in Your Community” events were held, leveraging 92 hours of community volunteer effort.

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