Robbin’s Surprise

Principal Robin Robbins was very surprised when Captain Planet showed up at Burgess-Peterson Academy to present her a check from the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education (AFAEE).

This year, the Atlanta Families’ Awards recognizes 10 outstanding teachers and school leaders in the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system. Each winner is awarded $7,500, which includes funding for a school project of the winner’s choice ($3,500), funding for a professional development opportunity to increase the winner’s effectiveness in the school or classroom ($1,500) and a personal stipend ($2,500). These grants will help fund innovative classroom and school-wide projects designed by winners to improve students’ access to quality education.

This is the second year Captain Planet has partnered with the AFAEE to surprise a winner. His special appearance supports the green project Ms. Robbins has planned for the school. She has proposed an outdoor classroom that will provide students with a non-traditional space for learning that highlights the importance of green space and our environment.  A space where all subject areas are taught, the outdoor classroom will be a connection and extension of the school’s beautiful garden.

In the pictures:

“Robbins Surprise” L to R. Captain Planet/ APS School Board Member, Cecily Harsh-Kinnane/ Principal Winner Robin Robbins/ The winner’s mother, Doris Brown / AFAEE co-founder and board co-chair, Katie McDowell / AFAEE board co-chair, Prescott C. Miller.