Sign Up for Pollinator Quest and Soil Quests on the Project Hero Platform

Pollinator Quest and Soil Quest offer pathways for teachers and students to engage with their gardens and other outdoor spaces through meaningful and relevant projects. Along with raising student awareness about topics related to a species in crisis in their local environment, students are guided along natural pathways to empathy, engagement, and empowerment, through participation in projects that matter.

About Project Hero
Project Hero is an interactive digital tool that uses storytelling to guide students through frameworks we call Quests to teach Standards across all elementary grades. Each Quest is tailored to a specific problem and guides students through a learning journey using critical thinking and other 21st Century skills to develop real-world solutions to local environmental problems. There are a host of Quests in the lineup set to be released over the next year, so the areas of focus will continue to expand.

There is a small grant opportunity related to each registered Quest, providing funds to help support the implementation of associated projects. Project Hero is the next step in making Project Learning Garden an even more powerful teaching and learning tool. And it is free and available for everyone. 

Sign up for Pollinator Quest and Soil Quest here.