Spanish River High’s Coral

Grantee: Spanish River High School – Boca Raton, FL

Project Title: Coral Micro-fragmentation Project

Grant Type: ecoSolution

This hands-on experience allowed students to be engaged in coral research and instill a passion for marine science in young minds.

–  a Spanish River High School Teacher


Coral reefs around the world are declining rapidly. In order to do their part in helping sustain the ecosystem, Spanish River High School students studied not only the problems corals are facing today, but also how they can help save coral reefs.

The students learned about micro-fragmentation and nursery tree methods and eventually developed their own coral nurseries. They were also encouraged to develop nursery trees designs to be submitted to the Coral Restoration Foundation competition.

Continuous impact/Community engagement: 

Spanish River High School will continue to grow and build their coral nurseries – when the corals properly mature, they will be donated to a local organization and transferred to the ocean.

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