Students Use Sea Perches With Cameras To Observe Fish In Their Natural Habitat

Grantee: Innovations STEM Academy – Sparta, WI / 2017
Project Title: Sea Perch Habitat Dive
Grant Type: ecoTech

Description: Middle school students worked collaboratively to build Sea Perches with cameras. The students then tested the Sea Perches at a hotel. pool. The pool was nice and clear so the students were able to easily see and practice maneuvering their devices. Teamwork and communications skills were key components to the groups that were successful during the challenges. The encouragements, problem-solving skills, and excitement were fun characteristics for the teachers to watch during the process.

The next goal was to connect the experience to the real-world by using the devices in a lake. Different employees from the Monroe County Land Conservation Department taught the students about fish habitat, behavior, life cycle, and aquatic ecosystems and showed the students the lunkers that provide fish habitat in the lakes. The goal of the field experience was to use the Sea Perches to find a lunker and observe fish in their natural habitat.

Continuous impact / Community engagement: Innovations STEM Academy students will continue their partnership with the Monroe County Conservation Department and the goal will be to find a clearer and cleaner part of Perch Lake to test the Sea Perches. They are able to reuse the Sea Perches and other equipment to continue the project for many years!