The amazing work of our 2016 Summer Interns

Get to know our Summer 2016 Office Interns!

Sophie Glass

Tell us about yourself: Originally from Marietta, Georgia, I currently attend school at the University of Georgia for Anthropology and Biology. I first worked with CPF as a high school intern through a magnet senior internship and research capstone program, where I assembled a semester-long research project focused on environmental education. Outside of school, I work at the Last Resort Grill in Athens as both a server and cook. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and tending to my very loving Yorkshire Terrier.

Proudest internship accomplishment or moment: My biggest pride thus far has been to finish tasks expediently enough to pleasantly surprise my coworkers and make their work easier.

Favorite outdoor activity and why: I enjoy taking evening strolls with my tiny Yorkie as a means of mentally unwinding.

Career Aspirations / What are you doing now?: I am currently exploring several career potentials, including forensics and dentistry.

Anna Benkeser

Tell us about yourself: I was born in Atlanta and have lived there my whole life. Even though I’ve grown up in a city many of my interests involve the outdoors, such as camping and running half marathons. I also enjoy baking, playing volleyball, and going to Georgia Tech football games (go jackets!). I am now in my third year at Georgia Tech and am studying International Affairs and Environmental Science. Although this was my first summer working with CPF, I loved the show Captain Planet as a child. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to work for a mission-driven organization that shares the same passions as me. My environmental education class in 5th grade definitely shaped my future interests, so contributing to projects that could help other kids discover a fascination for the environment was very rewarding.

Proudest internship accomplishment or moment: I spent a good part of my internship working on Project Hero. My proudest moment was finally receiving the endangered species data we had been waiting on for weeks, then successfully sorting through all 22,000+ rows of it!

Favorite outdoor activity and why: Walking my dogs in the woods. Watching them run wild is always entertaining and it’s a nice escape from city-life.

Career Aspirations / What are you doing now?: I am currently an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech and will (hopefully) graduate in two years. After that, I hope to either pursue a career or continue my studies in the field of international environmental policy.