Secret Life of Plants

COLLECTION MIDDLE SCHOOL |  SCIENCE Secret Life of Plants Students will investigate unseen plant processes to discover evidence of photosynthesis including observations of stomata for transpiration and gas exchange, and detection of the presence of photosynthetic pigments that absorb light, using chromatography. Concepts: Plants | Photosynthesis Essential Questions: What happens during photosynthesis and how do … Read more

Understanding Biomonitoring

  EXPLORATION UPPER ELEMENTARY |  SCIENCE Understanding Biomonitoring Students will learn about biomonitoring and its use in monitoring air pollution. Time 45 Minutes Setting Inside Collection Group AIR POLLUTION DETECTING GARDENS   Standards S3L2. Students will recognize the effects of pollution and humans on the environment. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.3.2. Determine the main idea of a text; recount the … Read more

Making Seed Necklaces

  EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  | SCIENCE & ART Making Seed Necklaces Students will observe and learn about seed germination and growth. Time 1 Week Setting Inside Collection Group ADOPT A PLANT   Standards S2L1c. Students will investigate the life cycle of a plant by growing a plant from a seed and by recording changes over a … Read more

Making Your Own “Eating a Rainbow” Book

  EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  HEALTH & NUTRITION; ART Make your Own “Eating a Rainbow” Book Students will create their own version of an “Eating a Rainbow” book based on their own experiences with foods of different colors. Time 45 minutes Setting Inside Collection Group Eating a Rainbow   Standards SKL1c. Students will group plants … Read more

Reading “Planting a Rainbow”

  EXPLORATION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY  |  HEALTH & NUTRITION Read “Planting a Rainbow” and Eat Edible Flowers Students will read the book as a group and eat a variety of edible flowers Time 45 minutes Setting Inside or Outside Collection Group Eating a Rainbow Standards SKL1c. Students will group plants according to their observable features. SKL2b. … Read more

Eating a Rainbow

  COLLECTION PRIMARY ELEMENTARY |  HEALTH & NUTRITION Eating a Rainbow Students will explore how to plant a rainbow of edible plant parts (even flowers!) and understand how “eating a rainbow” of fruits and vegetables can nourish their bodies. Concepts: Healthy Choices | Sorting Essential Questions How does “eating a rainbow” nourish our bodies? What … Read more