Using Technology to Investigate Urban Ponds

Grantee: Lincoln Middle School – Portland, Maine / 2014
Project Title: Using Technology to Investigate Urban Ponds

Description: Students observed, collected data, conducted research, and wrote about the water quality, plants, animals and other living things in Baxter Woods and Evergreen Cemetery near Lincoln Middle School. In order to accurately assess and count species inside the ponds, students built and used underwater robots with cameras. Students worked with teachers and parents in their after school Green Team club to build two robots. In science classes, students learned about water quality and how to test it and established a baseline pH measurement for water near the surface of the pond in Baxter Woods.

Continuous impact / Community engagement: Students also created an online field guide for Baxter Woods Park for the public, posted on their website. Students used the robots to collect underwater video footage (to be posted on the online field guide) and to collect water samples from the bottom of the pond.

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