What A Green 2013 Means For The Planet

A Note from the bloggers: As fellow citizens of the planet, we’re joining our voices together to bring awareness to environmental issues and to suggest simple ways each of us can affect change.

On Dec. 7, Former President Jimmy Carter and Sir Richard Branson were among the guests honored for their work as exemplary stewards of the environment at the 22nd annual Captain Planet Foundation Gala in Atlanta. Since 1991, the Foundation (an offshoot of the groundbreaking cartoon series developed by Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle), and its Gala have grown to international acclaim — this year bringing together U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Perez Jackson, entrepreneur Sara Blakely, Grammy-winning singer Alison Krauss, and National Geographic “explorer in residence” Dr. Sylvia Earle, among others. Yet the Foundation’s mission to give younger generations an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live is so much more prescient than the party, especially right now.