Wildlife Observation and Tagging from Instant Wild

Observe and Tag Wildlife You Spot on Motion-Activated Cameras From the World’s Wildest Places

Topic: Classification, Citizen Science, Habitats | Type: Online Learning

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Citizen Scientists lend a hand (and an observant eye) to the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) by observing and tagging the wild animals spotted in the real time photos posted! Instant Wild is a ZSL initiative that empowers all folks to take part in vital conservation work through their free website and app, supported by all devices. Motion-triggered cameras immediately upload real time photos to the site, where you will be prompted with local animals (and example photos) to choose from. Just count the number of each animal you see and let the local conservationists take it from there! Your help will provide insight into conservation efforts worldwide.


  • Internet Access and Device to Use the free Instant Wild Website
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