World Leadership Conference held by Usher’s New Look Foundation

Last month, Captain Planet Foundation was thrilled to host a group of students from the World Leadership Conference held by Usher’s New Look Foundation.  While at the Turner Building in downtown Atlanta, young leadership students from Georgia, Louisiana, California, and Mississippi learned about how sustainability is impacting decision-making in the Fortune 500 corporate sector as well as in hospitality/restaurants.

Students started the morning with Captain Planet Foundation Executive Director, Leesa Carter, hearing about innovative solutions that youth around the world are employing to solve environmental and natural resource concerns.  The group was then toured to the solar installation in the parking lot of the Turner Building.

The tour continued at Ted’s Montana Grill (who also generously provided lunch!), where students learned about the Zero Waste commitment Ted’s has made to the communities it serves, including a program that discourages the use of plastics, Styrofoam, or other petroleum-based products in restaurant operations.  They also heard from Ted’s co-founder, George McKerrow, who shared how Ted Turner’s commitment to the American Bison has helped save that species from extinction and brought a healthier, more sustainable beef option to America’s plates.

Finally, the students were treated to a presentation by George Bandy, Jr, the Vice President of Global Sustainability for Interface FLOR, who gave them a rare insight into how a major manufacturing company and Fortune 500 went through a complete revolution to put sustainability at the core of its business.

Captain Planet Foundation applauds the work of Usher’s New Look Foundation and looks forward to participating in the 2013 World Leadership Conference!

About Usher’s New Look Foundation
Usher Raymond IV founded Usher’s New Foundation in 1999 to give youth a “new look” on life. Usher’s New Look Foundation strives to certify young people in four major leadership pillars- talent, education, career and service- to ensure their success as they become leaders throughout the world.

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