Waiting for a miracle won’t save the earth. But making a miracle happen? That’s easy. Join us in supporting the powerful work of the meaningful maker movement among African youth.

Have you ever stopped to think what you could build to make your life and the lives of others happier, cleaner, and healthier? One group of Kenyan girls did.

They identified two problems in their community. The first problem being that existing stoves use coal and wood which are expensive and not a sustainable fuel. The second being that people have no use for rice husks, so they pile up on the sides of roads and in towns creating a very unsightly nuisance. Their solution is to create a cook stove that can use rice husks efficiently for cooking and heating. Not only does this deal with the issue of deforestation which is impacting so much of Africa, it also provides a much cleaner and safer fuel for burning, producing less carbon and pollution while eliminating a waste product.

These are the types of ideas that we’re fundraising for and supporting in partnership with the most amazing young man from MIT, David Sengeh. Sengeh is building “Innovate Salons” in Sierra Leone, Kenya, and South Africa. These are “Maker Spaces” where youth can have access to supplies, technology and mentors so they can innovate solutions to their communities’ most pressing environmental and economic issues.

I tell you, kids really do have the answers if we can get the right tools in their hands!”

-Leesa Carter

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