Rotting Away

Students will review the tree life cycle and then extend their understanding to the rotting of the logs. Students will learn about the different decomposers (fungus, bacteria, invertebrates) then search for evidence of them in the garden.

Concepts: Tree Life Cycle, Fungi, Decomposition

Essential Questions

  • How can we describe the full life cycle of a tree?
  • What is the role of fungus, bacteria, and invertebrates in the trees life cycle?
  • How does a tree change through the seasons?

Standards Addressed

  • S2L1b. Students will relate seasonal changes to observations of how a tree changes throughout a school year.
  • S2L1d. Students will identify fungi as living organisms.
  • S2E3a. Students will recognize the effects that occur in a specific area caused by weather, plants, animals, and/or people.