Hosting Garden-Based Meteorological Reports

Part of the "Predicting Weather" Collection


Students will create a meteorological broadcast for garden growers.

Estimated Time

45 Minutes

Setting Required



  • S4E4. Students will analyze weather charts/maps and collect weather data to predict weather events and infer patterns and seasonal changes.
    • a. Identify weather instruments and explain how each is used in gathering weather data and making forecasts (thermometer, rain gauge, barometer, wind vane, anemometer).
    • b. Using a weather map, identify the fronts, temperature, and precipitation and use the information to interpret the weather conditions.
    • c. Use observations and records of weather conditions to predict weather patterns throughout the year.
    • d. Differentiate between weather and climate.


  1. Challenge small groups of students to prepare a meteorological broadcast for garden growers.
    Broadcasts should :Report on current conditions, based on data from weather instruments
    Predict future conditions, based on research of weather to the west
    Predict first / last frost date for planting and harvesting, based on research
    Feature current weather trend and differentiate between weather and climate
    (drought, rain, cold, heat, etc.)
  2. Create a backdrop for small groups to present their broadcasts. If possible, record to share with the greater community.