Which Plant is Which?

deep red rose

Students will first go on a scavenger hunt around the schoolyard looking for observable plant characteristics. Then students will create a poster for a plant they found with a detailed sketch and description to see if the other students can find their plant based on the observable plant characteristics described. Next, students will model the … Read more

Mushroom Garden Party

lone white mushroom

Students will explore the parts of the mushroom and make a spore print to observe how spores from mushroom caps travel.

Scarecrow and Ladybugs

ladybug on a leaf

Students will hunt for bugs in the schoolyard garden and research to determine if they are pests or beneficial insects. They will then take a closer look at at pests and model how they spread and discuss different ways to prevent them. Lastly, students will take a closer look at beneficial insects such as pollinators … Read more

Seeds & Sprouts

young plants sprouting

Students will look for evidence of how different types of plants reproduce then will explore whether all plants grow from seeds.

Sense of Place

little girls running through garden

Students will use their senses to explore the schoolyard and write a poem about what they see, hear, smell, feel, and taste. Deeper explorations for each of the senses are included such as creating a sound map or completing a scavenger hunt for different textures or exploring an herb garden for different smells.

Life Cycle of the Land

autumn leaves

Students will work together to model how the life cycle of the land progresses from bare rocks to a mature forest. Then they will apply that understanding to their schoolyard looking for evidence of stage’s of the land’s life cycle.

Plant Doctor

bright yellow flowers

Students will dissect plant parts to build an understanding of their purpose then write creative plant prescriptions to address their needs.