Program Support

Even with all of the materials provided, establishing a successful and sustainable schoolyard garden program can be challenging. Each school and community and district and state is different, so there is clearly no single answer, but PLG provides resources we think are valuable to helping all schoolyard garden programs succeed.

Program Sustainability Toolkit

Schoolyard garden programs that endure year over year, and that become part of the instructional culture of the school are successful because they are “owned ” by the whole school community. Engaging appropriate stakeholders at the school early in developing a “sustainability plan”  and documenting that plan will help everyone take a role and will create the institutional memory of the garden program.

Summer Garden Maintenance Planning

If there is one fatal flaw to schoolyard garden programs, it’s not planning for summer maintenance and coming back to either a parched dry garden or a jungle of weeds. PLG helps you plan ahead!

Additional Grants for Garden Programs

Maintaining your school garden program shouldn’t present a major financial burden on your school, but there are several resources available to help you maintain and enhance your garden program.

Schoolyard Garden Support Programs

Project Learning Garden is a proud member of an entire network of strong schoolyard garden program support organizations that provide excellent resources, support, and services for schools across the US. This is an list of just some of the excellent organizations your school should be aware of.