Planeteers Report from Africa Climate Week 2023

Ruth Tanui and Natalie Bullut at the 2023 Planeteer Wind Summit in Nairobi, Kenya

As a leader in the Planeteer Alliance community, Ruth Tanui has hosted two Planeteer Element Summits in Nairobi, Kenya. Through her continued commitment to the community and the work of Planeteers in her area, Ruth was awarded a leadership scholarship to attend the Africa Climate Week conference in September 2023. By Ruth Tanui September 12, … Read more

12 Real Life Planeteers Making a Difference For the Planet

From petitioning schools to cut single-use plastics, to speaking out for the environment all over the globe, these young heroes are combining their powers to take pollution down to zero! 1. Hannah Testa Hannah Testa is the founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planet. An environmental activist and speaker, … Read more

Erin Schrode – A Real Planeteer

It is essential to walk your talk. I live a normal life, but with an eco-filter.– Erin Schrode At the young age of 26, Erin Schrode is doing more than most millennials. Schrode started Teens Turning Green at thirteen years old with her mother, Judi Shils. Through Teens Turning Green (now Turning Green), Schrode is … Read more

Lisa P. Jackson – A Real Planeteer

Environmentalism isn’t a spectator sport. You actually have to stand up and demand that we be vigilant in protecting our air and water. Lisa P. Jackson realPlaneteer Profile Lisa P. Jackson is no stranger to fighting for clean air and water. A graduate of Princeton University and the Captain Planet Foundation’s 2012 Protector of the … Read more