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Teaching With Your ecoSTEM Kit

Teaching With Your ecoSTEM Kit and the QuickStart Guide Credit: NGSS The supplies in this kit are available for teachers and informal educators to use or adapt in any way that fits their situation and teaching approach. Many states have adopted Next Generation Science Standards, and even more have embraced the pedagogy on which NGSS…

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12 Real Life Planeteers Making a Difference For the Planet

From petitioning schools to cut single-use plastics, to speaking out for the environment all over the globe, these young heroes are combining their powers to take pollution down to zero!   1. Hannah Testa Hannah Testa is the founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planet. An environmental activist and…

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10 Ways YOU Can Take Pollution Down to Zero

It’s easy to feel like pollution is an overwhelming, unsolvable problem. But there is something YOU can do about it! Here are 10 Simple Habits you can adopt to help reduce your carbon footprint, and take pollution down to zero! Ditch the plastic straws and utensils       500,000,000 plastic straws are thrown away…

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