Success Story

Students Get a Lesson in Aquatic Ecology

McKean County Conservation District

Grantee: McKean County Conservation District Project Title: McKean County Boondocs’ Program- Streambank Stabilization Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: There over 1,900 miles of waterways in McKean County, Pennsylvania that have served as an essential piece of the county’s community for centuries. Because of their impact, the health of these waterways should be a top priority for…

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Students Combat the Decrease of Burrowing Owls

The Downtown Owls Project

Students Combat the Decrease of Burrowing Owls April 6, 2018 Grantee: Audubon Arizona – Phoenix, AZ Project Title: The Downtown Owls Project Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: Due to habitat loss and climate change, the number of Burrowing Owls in the western United States is steadily declining. Reports have estimated that the owl will lose 77% of its…

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DIY Girls Create a Reusable Tent / Backpack

DIY Girls

Grantee: DIY Girls – Pacoima, CA Project Title: Making for Good Grant Type: ecoSolution The goal of the project is to instill a sense of environmental ethics in our students. – Leticia Rodriguez, executive director of DIY Girls Description: Homelessness can cause a lot of waste of various materials. In the San Fernando Valley, 7,100…

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Data Collection and Monitoring of Microplastics

Data Collection and Monitoring of Micro Plastics

Grantee: St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy – Ft. Pierce / FL Project Title: Data Collection and Monitoring of Microplastics in the Indian River Lagoon Grant Type: ecoSolution Overall, it was a great application of the scientific method for the students and for them to realize that things don’t always go the way that we expect them to – giving them…

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Designing Rain Gardens for California Drought

Pueblo Vista

Grantee: Pueblo Vista Magnet School – Napa, CA Project Title: Designing Rain Gardens for California Drought Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: California has had a history of severe droughts and was under a drought state of emergency from January 2014 until April 2017. The Pueblo Vista Magnet School is teaching their students the importance of groundwater…

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Students Create a Wild "Clam Garden"

downeast institute

Grantee: Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education / Beals, Maine Project Title: Let’s Find Out What is Out There – Then Manage, Restore, and Protect It Grand Type: ecoSolution Description: The population of clams in Downeast Maine is being threated due to green crabs. Because of their lack of defense, younger clams are increasingly…

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School Habitat Design

Native Habitat

Grantee: Edison High School, Academy of Sustainability at Edison – Huntington Beach, CA / 2017 Project Title: Edison Habitat Design Project Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: Edison High School students are repairing their campus’s ecosystem, one habitat design at a time! The Academy of Sustainability noticed that there were several plants that do not naturally grow in…

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Students Combat Pollinator Loss

ecoTech_Atlanta Botanical Garden_16_Monarchs on Milkweeds at Lindsay Street Park

Grantee:  Atlanta Botanical Garden – Atlanta, GA / 2016 Project Title: DNA Barcoding for Biodiversity Grant Type: ecoTech Description: Pollinator decline is an important conservation concern, particularly in densely populated urban areas. Dedicating green space, increasing native plant habitat, and creating pollinator gardens can combat pollinator losses by providing nesting and foraging habitat. Student-led groups from 5 Atlanta high…

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Students Use Sea Perches With Cameras To Observe Fish In Their Natural Habitat

Sea Perch Habitat Dive

Grantee: Innovations STEM Academy – Sparta, WI / 2017 Project Title: Sea Perch Habitat Dive Grant Type: ecoTech Description: Middle school students worked collaboratively to build Sea Perches with cameras. The students then tested the Sea Perches at a hotel. pool. The pool was nice and clear so the students were able to easily see and practice maneuvering their…

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Students At The Celebration K8 School Planted A Pollinator Garden From A PolliNation ecoSTEM Kit Grant!

Celebration K8 school

Grantee: Celebration K8 School – Celebration, Florida  / 2017 Grant Type: ecoSTEM, PolliNation Kit Mr. Fiorito and his students are excited to see their garden grow! The seedlings of coreopsis, passionvine, cassia, gaillardia, ironweed, blazing star, partridge pea, and goldenrod were provided by a grant from the Florida Wildflower Foundation. They also planted milkweed to attract Monarch…

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