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Grantee Success Story

Waterford High School Student Sends Unmanned Drifter to Ireland

Grantee: Waterford High School – Waterford, CT Project Title: Educational Passages Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: Kaitlyn Dow, a student at Waterford High School, built a 5-foot mini-sailboat (the Lancer) that successfully crossed the Atlantic. This was part of Kaitlyn’s year-long research project where she was studying wind and currents in the ocean. The goal was…

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Growing Coral at Rockway

boot camp student summitboot camp student summit

Grantee: Miami Dade County School Board – Miami, FL Project Title: Accelerating the Growth of Corals Grant Type: ecoTech Description: 7th grade students at Rockway Middle School learned the importance of accelerating the growth of corals and how to test the quality of ocean water, the important aspects of good water quality, the essential aspects…

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Aquaponics at WCTA


Grantee: West Career and Technical Academy – Las Vegas, NV Project Title: Aquaponic System to Revamp School Lunches Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:   The students at West Career and Technical Academy have decided to revamp their school lunches with vegetables and herbs grown in their very-own aquaponics system! Using the school pond, they have built shelves…

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Frog Watch USA at Pine Valley

Grantee: Pine Valley Elementary School – Wilmington, NC Our most exciting night was when we heard an actual chorus of Pine Woods Frogs. Parents and siblings attended the evening excursions, and the excitement on those nights was tangible. – A Pine Valley Teacher Project Title: Frog Watch USA for Students Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:  …

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Water quality testing in Costa Rica

Abriendo Mentes

Grantee: Abriendo Mentes – Costa Rica Project Title:Eight Week Ecology Science Unit Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:   Abriendo Mentes, a nonprofit in rural Costa Rica, purchased ecological materials for an eight-week lesson on water with the help of a Captain Planet grant. The organization focuses on teaching English to youth and adults to improve their…

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Free Time Adventures in Chester County

Grantee: The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County – Chester County, PA Project Title: Free Time Adventures in Nature Grant Type: ecoTech Description: During TLC’s Free Time Adventures in Nature program, over 100 children got a chance to explore the creeks, meadows, ponds, and woodlands of the 300-acre Bucktoe Creek Preserve! Activities were centered around…

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Creating a sustainable worm growing company from cafeteria waste!

Cricket Crawlers

Grantee: Fall Creek Middle School – Fall Creek, WI Project Title: Cricket Crawlers Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: The seventh-grade students at Fall Creek Middle School started from scratch and created an environmentally sustainable worm growing company using leaves and food waste from the school cafeteria! At the end of the school year, the students packaged…

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With the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Grantee: Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, Inc. – Atlanta, GA Project Title: Lake Lanier Aquatic Learning Center (LLALC) for K-12 Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s LLALC project provides students with lessons that they can share with their families about how to keep their waters clean and safe from pollution and why it is important to use water…

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Clean Creek Campus in Austin

Grantee: Keep Austin Beautiful – Austin, TX Project Title: Clean Creek Campus Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: The urban elementary and middle school students of Austin, Texas had a blast learning to make responsible decisions regarding the environment and its sustainability! Through scavenger hunts and clean-ups, the students learned how they impact their environment and how to…

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LAST at the Roanoke Cashie River Center

Grantee: Love A Sea Turtle Project Title: Albemarle Sound Project Grant Type: ecoSolution …will help make participating students more aware of why water quality in rivers needs to be protected, and also help them envision opportunities for pursuing education and even careers in science fields. – Tom Stroud, Partnership for the Sounds Description:   The…

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