Growing Coral at Rockway

coral growing underwater

Grantee: Miami Dade County School Board – Miami, FL Project Title: Accelerating the Growth of Corals Grant Type: ecoTech Description: 7th grade students at Rockway Middle School learned the importance of accelerating the growth of corals and how to test the quality of ocean water, the important aspects of good water quality, the essential aspects … Read more

D.F. Walker’s Outdoor Classroom

Children working in outdoor classroom

Grantee: D.F. Walker Elementary School – Edenton, NC Project Title: Sandy Ridge Outdoor Classroom Grant Type: ecoSolution The students loved working on this project and are already using the classroom… -A D.F. Walker Elementary School Teacher Description:  The 4th-graders of D.F. Walker Elementary School have taken on the admirable goal of building an outdoor classroom, … Read more

LAST at the Roanoke Cashie River Center

Grantee: Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) Project Title: Albemarle Sound Project Grant Type: ecoSolution This project will help make participating students more aware of why water quality in rivers needs to be protected, and also help them envision opportunities for pursuing education and even careers in science fields. – Tom Stroud, Partnership for the Sounds … Read more

Weather Balloon Launch

Students at LearningTECH/Quest School launching weather balloon

Grantee: LearningTECH/Quest School – Monroe, LA Project Title: Weather Balloon Launch Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:   The students of the LearningTECH/Quest School launched a weather balloon with the help of Captain Planet and a local college, the University of Louisiana. The launch signifies the beginning of a school-wide study on climate change and global warming. Continuous impact/Community engagement:  As … Read more

Santa Cruz’s Earth Stewards Project

Grantee: Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History – Santa Cruz, CA Project Title: Earth Stewards Project (ESP) Grant Type: ecoSolution I learned how to manage and motivate people. I felt pride in getting the job done. – Isaac, a high school student Description: The EPS program at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History takes high … Read more

The Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors Program

Grantee: Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History – Jamestown, NY Project Title: Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors Program 2017 Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: The Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors Program provides local youth with paid employment and green job skills while promoting understanding of sound conservation practices and a deeper awareness of the natural resources … Read more

Frog Watch USA at Pine Valley

Grantee: Pine Valley Elementary School – Wilmington, NC Our most exciting night was when we heard an actual chorus of Pine Woods Frogs. Parents and siblings attended the evening excursions, and the excitement on those nights was tangible. – A Pine Valley Teacher Project Title: Frog Watch USA for Students Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:   … Read more

Waterford High School Student Sends Unmanned Drifter to Ireland

Grantee: Waterford High School – Waterford, CT Project Title: Educational Passages Grant Type: ecoSolution Description: Kaitlyn Dow, a student at Waterford High School, built a 5-foot mini-sailboat (the Lancer) that successfully crossed the Atlantic. This was part of Kaitlyn’s year-long research project where she was studying wind and currents in the ocean. The goal was … Read more

Water quality testing in Costa Rica

Grantee: Abriendo Mentes – Costa Rica Project Title: Eight Week Ecology Science Unit Grant Type: ecoSolution Description:   Abriendo Mentes, a nonprofit in rural Costa Rica, purchased ecological materials for an eight-week lesson on water with the help of a Captain Planet grant. The organization focuses on teaching English to youth and adults to improve … Read more

Mountain Sky Middle’s Coral Mounts

coral growing underwater

Grantee: Mountain Sky Middle School – Phoenix, AZ Project Title: 3D Printing Coral Mounts to Save Reefs Grant Type: ecoTech One of the incredible things about working with middle school students is that they are simultaneously capable of great accomplishments and still possess their youthful imagination – A Mountain Sky teacher Description:   The Mountain … Read more